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Welcome to my site. I’m Jason Thibeault, your creativity coach. I’m here to tell you that regardless of your profession, your status in life, your background, or where you are from, you are creative. And with the proper training, you can unleash that creativity to help you achieve the things in life you want. Whether it’s money, recognition, or that special someone, your creativity will enable you to reach your goals.

Feel free to browse around the site and learn about what’s holding your creativity back. In the coming months, I’ll be talking more about my upcoming book Recover: Disconnect From Tech, Reconnect to Yourself, and Be More Creative. Until then, you can peruse the different parts of my blog where I talk about creativity, writing, and my other passion, digital marketing. You can also visit the menu at the top of the page to learn more about my speaking background, my photography, my writing, or even to book me for a presentation or workshop.

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