The Power of Video

Why do we like to watch video so much? Well, according to the “brain lady” Dr. Susan Weisencheick, we are wired for it. For motion, for faces. Video gives us what our brain wants. And that probably accounts for the exponential growth of video over the past few years…and the projected level of Internet traffic that video will consume in the coming years.

But organizations continually struggle with video. Either it’s too expensive or it’s too hard to manage or the technology is too difficult or it’s too hard to report against. And so video gets left out of the marketing strategy and the organization suffers.

My blogs, keynotes, and presentations on video try to help organizations understand not only the benefits they can get from utilizing video but also how easy it is to be authentic, credible, and engaging using video inexpensively. Just look at what Michael Dubin of did with $4000!