If digital has changed one thing, it’s how we market. Unlike the print and TV world of before, the digital world is immersive, interactive, and responsive. It’s an experience. And in order to get people to spend the limited amount of attention they have in today’s busy world, that experience has to be something different, something that engages with them on an emotional level. That’s where stories come in.

Stories enable organizations to engage emotionally with their audience because we are wired for them. According to research by Paul Zak, it appears that when we encounter a story with a traditional narrative arc our brain reacts. Neurotransmitters fire.

Marketers are just beginning to embrace storytelling. But what makes a good story? Or at least a good story for business? How does video play into storytelling? How do you measure the impact of storytelling? What characteristics do stories share? These are the types of questions that my blogs, keynotes, and webinars on storytelling attempt to answer using real-world examples and personal experience.

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