Customer Relationships

What many organizations fail to realize is that the core to doing business, any kind of business, is relationships. Relationships between employees, relationships with market influencers and, most importantly, relationships with customers. When organizations truly get that, they can create core differentiation because you can’t replicate customer relationships!

But what does it mean to create relationships? We know how to do it in the real world but do we really know the ins-and-outs? Enough to tell someone how to do it (or recognize when we are failing)? And then how do those ins-and-outs translate to the digital world where we are spending most of our time. These are the types of questions that my blogs, keynotes, and webinars on customer relationships attempt to answer using real-world examples and personal experience.

This is also a topic heavily featured in my co-authored book, Recommend This! Delivering Digital Experiences People Want to Share.