Is Digital Marketing “Lost in Translation”?

This post was originally published on The ultimate differentiator for businesses isn’t product or brand. It’s the one thing that can’t be copied or stolen: relationships with customers. Retail has long known that. Astute retailers covet their relationships through personalization and targeting and approachable, consistent, authentic salespeople. That’s because, as people, we know how […]

The One Thing That All Marketing Is About. Period.

This was originally published on the eConsultancy blog where I guest blog from time-to-time. You probably practice a lot of different types of marketing (or you would like to). But what if it didn’t matter? What if, deep down, all marketing was really the same, driving towards a singular objective: establishing relationships. The problem is, in our […]

The Digital Relationship Pyramid

This post was originally published on the Limelight Networks Blog as part of my responsibilities as the Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy. Marketing is changing because of digital. It’s no longer just about convincing people to buy your product. There are thousands of you out there trying to do that. We call it the “noise”. So what can […]

The 4 Types of Digital Relationships

Developing a relationship with your digital audience is the ultimate goal of the modern marketer. In fact, it’s probably the singular, most important shift in marketing today (from broadcast marketing to engagement marketing). And I would argue that escalating relationships to intimacy (where people are willingly giving up information) should be what motivates any marketer […]