How To Save Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is doomed. Why? Because unlike traditional marketing where there was a finite amount of inventory and price points to keep most people out of the market, digital doesn’t have such barriers. Anyone can open an AdWords account. Any website can advertise (in as many places as they like). Digital marketing is the wild, […]

Become a Better Storyteller: Practice the 3 E’s

Secretly, we all want to be better storytellers. Whether you are a writer or a marketer or a cocktail-party crasher, telling stories is something that we all share as human beings. Stories bind us and connect us. As we wrote about in Recommend This!, stories are one of the foundational 9 characteristics of forming relationships. […]

Personalization Isn’t What You Think It Is

This post was originally published on the eConsultancy blog. As marketers, we are all becoming more familiar with personalization as we recognize the need to tailor digital experiences to individual users. Only we are doing it all wrong. OK, partly wrong. In this blog post, I explore the concept of ‘true personalization:’ tailoring the digital […]