How To Become a Rockstar in Your Job

We all want to be “that person” at work. The one that everyone talks (positively) about. The one that fingers point to when something big, meaty, and important needs to get done. The name that everyone whispers. The favorite one. And it’s not just about the money or the prestige. Deep down, we want to […]

What I Learned From My Successful Kickstarter Campaign

So this past weekend, my Kickstarter project to fund the marketing, promotion, and publicity of my debut novel, An Ordinary Magic, successfully funded. That’s right. It was a success! I was only raising $5,000 (not a paltry sum but nothing compared to the Oatmeal’s Exploding Kittens campaign; yeah, I backed it) but I managed to […]

How Potato Salad is Changing our Economy

The recent success of the Potato Salad project on Kickstarter (at the time of this post, it has raised over $15,000 for the project owner to create potato salad) illustrates how radically the Internet has changed our economy. What began with $.99 iTunes app and music purchase has culminated with Kickstarter into a full-blown micro-transaction […]

Speaking 101: What NOT To Do (and To Do) With PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint. Oh the sighs and eyerolls it can elicit. In fact, according to one speaker through her own PowerPoint presentation featured on Slate, it is the reason for the decline of university education! But let’s get real. PowerPoint is not to blame. Slideware doesn’t create itself. It’s built by people that proclaim to be […]