Why Facebook is So Innovative

When it comes to social networking, Facebook leads the pack. But why? Often times, like with the recent release of their “Kickstarter-like” functionality for non-profits, they are late to the market with features. Smaller, nimbler companies often beat them to the punch. But does that mean that Facebook isn’t being innovative? In many ways, we […]

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace: What Works, What Doesn’t?

Creativity isn’t just for the writers, poets, and painters of the world. It’s becoming increasingly critical in the business world for people to be more creative by helping to solve core challenges, contribute innovative ideas, and, ultimately, provide the organization with true differentiation (hint, hint: a company’s competitive advantage is really its employees, not its […]

Want To Become a Great Leader? Go Coach Little Kids.

Manager. Leader. Sometimes they are used interchangeably to describe people to which other people report. But they are ultimately very different. Managers are people who do just that: they manage. They make sure that Task A was completed on time, on budget, and according to the right process. They hold people accountable for their parts […]