Digital Presence for Dummies

Digital Presence for Dummies
Genres: Business, Marketing
ISBN: 9781118567043

What's a digital presence? How do I get one? Those are the types of questions that Digital Presence for Dummies®, Limelight Networks Special Edition, can help you answer. Digital Presence for Dummies, written by Jason Thibeault and brought to you by Limelight Networks, is your one-stop-shop to understanding how important your digital presence is in today's crazy competitive digital economy. And, in fact, it may be suffering from something right now. We call that Digital Presence Deficiency. The book will help you diagnose it, fix it, and even prevent it from happening in the future. And it's funny. Sometimes. Like when we compare your digital presence to a refrigerator.

About the Book

So what’s a digital presence? It’s all that stuff you do online with your story (that’s a new name for really cool content that has a narrative). Like engaging with customers on Facebook and your blog. Tweeting. Videos on YouTube (and your website). Reviews of your products. Oh yeah, did we mention your website?

Your digital presence is the sum of all your online activities across web, mobile, social, and even large screen. It’s your advertising (yuck) and your marketing (yeah). In essence, it’s your business just online. And having a good or bad digital presence can have material impact on your brand, your revenue, and, most importantly, your long term success.

As you will learn in the book, every digital presence has a workflow, a process to organize how you create, publish, manage, and optimize your digital presence. It’s pretty simple to understand. In fact, if you publish any sort of content online right now you probably have a similar workflow. The problem is, it may be unspoken. Or it may be managed by an Excel spreadsheet. Or you may have outsourced it to Greenland.

What Digital Presence for Dummies®, Limelight Networks Special Edition, can teach you is that this workflow thingy is critical to the success of your digital presence.

Digital Presence for Dummies gives you the fundamental Ps that you need to have a Pawesome Pdigital Presence (didn’t need an extra P for that last one). What are those Ps?

  • People. Your digital presence is all about your organization. If you aren’t putting “digital first” then the people that will make your digital presence awesome probably aren’t involved
  • Process. Keeping your digital presence a shining beacon in the darkness that is the Internet (wow, that was poetic) involves processes. Workflows. Approval flows. Ice flows. No, really, if you can’t map out from A to Z how you create, manage, publish, monetize, engage with, and optimize your digital presence, it’s always going to be a chaotic mess that is never going to reach awesomeness (or nirvana)
  • Platform. Yes, you guessed it. You need technology to make it happen. Well, come on, what else would you be thinking? It is “digital” for Pete’s sake. But there are lots of tools out there. Separate tools. Integrated tools. Tools for specific workflow steps. Tools to cover them all. Tools like the Limelight Orchestrate platform.

Get it today! It’s free. It’s fun. And it will help you get a handle on all this digital stuff that’s wrecking (I mean improving) your business!

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