Help! I Have to Write a Blog Post. What Do I Do?

Maybe you’ve been tasked with writing a post for the corporate blog. Or maybe you’ve just decided that blogging will improve your online presence and personal brand (it will). Whatever the reason, you’ve got what appears to be a monumental task in front of you—not only do you have to figure out what to write, […]

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace: What Works, What Doesn’t?

Creativity isn’t just for the writers, poets, and painters of the world. It’s becoming increasingly critical in the business world for people to be more creative by helping to solve core challenges, contribute innovative ideas, and, ultimately, provide the organization with true differentiation (hint, hint: a company’s competitive advantage is really its employees, not its […]

On the other hand, although I have a regular work schedule, I take time to go for long walks on the beach so that I can listen to what is going on inside my head. If my work isn’t going well, I lie down in the middle of a workday and gaze at the ceiling while I listen and visualize what goes on in my imagination.

Why You Can’t Teach People To Be Creative

Creativity. It’s a word that challenges us. Inspires us. Haunts us. We all want to feel like we are creative, like there is something inside us that can make things, imagine new realities, or build ideas that inspire others. Works of art. The Next Big Thing in business. Whatever. But more than that, we all […]