A guest blog post on StreamingMedia.com about the importance of performance in building digital experiences. From the article:

In the context of the cross-platform digital experience, a holistic approach to performance using PACE will keep customers sticking with your content and coming back for more

This article introduces a new concept I developed called PACE which is intended to help content owners incorporate performance-considerations into their digital experiences. PACE stands for Planning, Architecture, Comparison, and Execution. From the article:

In the planning process, developers must take into consideration what the key metrics will be (yes, this will actually involve other organizational entities like marketing in the development process). Once that’s done, they can architect a digital experience that will meet those expectations. Of course, planning and architecting shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. Organizations need to analyze their competitors’ digital experiences. How fast are they? How responsive? How end-user focused? Finally, it’s all about execution. Right now, most organizations practice only the E and C, but in reverse. They execute and then compare when they don’t feel they are getting the traffic/traction they were expecting.


Date: November 26, 2013
Appearance: Faster is Better, but There is Better than Faster
Outlet: StreamingMedia.com
Format: Magazine

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