The Last Few Inches of Marketing

A different digital world is on the horizon: one of sensors and beacons ready to pinpoint our location to within a few inches. And marketers are eager to take advantage of this new opportunity. Only these last few inches of marketing aren’t about sales opportunities and customer conversions. They are about trust and relationships. Marketing […]

Build Better Business Relationships

In our book Recommend This! Delivering Digital Experiences People Want to Share, Kirby Wadsworth and I posited that all marketing is really about relationships. Let’s pretend for a moment, that we hit the nail on the head. With that said, though, a question remains: “how do you develop deep, lasting relationships with people when you […]

5 Immutable Laws of Digital Marketing

Is digital marketing really different than any other type of marketing? What’s funny is that’s not quite the right way to look at it. Digital marketing isn’t a type of marketing, it’s a way to market. It’s a contrast to traditional marketing in that it focuses on direct engagement with the intended audience. Digital is […]

How Potato Salad is Changing our Economy

The recent success of the Potato Salad project on Kickstarter (at the time of this post, it has raised over $15,000 for the project owner to create potato salad) illustrates how radically the Internet has changed our economy. What began with $.99 iTunes app and music purchase has culminated with Kickstarter into a full-blown micro-transaction […]

How To Save Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is doomed. Why? Because unlike traditional marketing where there was a finite amount of inventory and price points to keep most people out of the market, digital doesn’t have such barriers. Anyone can open an AdWords account. Any website can advertise (in as many places as they like). Digital marketing is the wild, […]

Want To Become a Great Leader? Go Coach Little Kids.

Manager. Leader. Sometimes they are used interchangeably to describe people to which other people report. But they are ultimately very different. Managers are people who do just that: they manage. They make sure that Task A was completed on time, on budget, and according to the right process. They hold people accountable for their parts […]

Become a Better Storyteller: Practice the 3 E’s

Secretly, we all want to be better storytellers. Whether you are a writer or a marketer or a cocktail-party crasher, telling stories is something that we all share as human beings. Stories bind us and connect us. As we wrote about in Recommend This!, stories are one of the foundational 9 characteristics of forming relationships. […]

Speaking 101: What NOT To Do (and To Do) With PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint. Oh the sighs and eyerolls it can elicit. In fact, according to one speaker through her own PowerPoint presentation featured on Slate, it is the reason for the decline of university education! But let’s get real. PowerPoint is not to blame. Slideware doesn’t create itself. It’s built by people that proclaim to be […]