Announcing New Blogs!

AI and VR: Two Topics I'm Passionate About

Microphone in concert hall or conference room with defocused person in background.

I’ve recently launched two new blogs allowing me the opportunity to discuss topics that are interesting to me: AI and VR/AR. I believe that these two technologies have profound implications for humanity. AI portends to revolutionize the way that humans and computers co-exist (that is, when we can teach machines how to empathize). VR and […]

Why Facebook is So Innovative

squiggly drawing to lightbulb

When it comes to social networking, Facebook leads the pack. But why? Often times, like with the recent release of their “Kickstarter-like” functionality for non-profits, they are late to the market with features. Smaller, nimbler companies often beat them to the punch. But does that mean that Facebook isn’t being innovative? In many ways, we […]