Want To Become a Great Leader? Go Coach Little Kids.

Ice hockey player celebrates after scoring a goal

Manager. Leader. Sometimes they are used interchangeably to describe people to which other people report. But they are ultimately very different. Managers are people who do just that: they manage. They make sure that Task A was completed on time, on budget, and according to the right process. They hold people accountable for their parts […]

Become a Better Storyteller: Practice the 3 E’s


Secretly, we all want to be better storytellers. Whether you are a writer or a marketer or a cocktail-party crasher, telling stories is something that we all share as human beings. Stories bind us and connect us. As we wrote about in Recommend This!, stories are one of the foundational 9 characteristics of forming relationships. […]

Speaking 101: What NOT To Do (and To Do) With PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint. Oh the sighs and eyerolls it can elicit. In fact, according to one speaker through her own PowerPoint presentation featured on Slate, it is the reason for the decline of university education! But let’s get real. PowerPoint is not to blame. Slideware doesn’t create itself. It’s built by people that proclaim to be […]

Personalization Isn’t What You Think It Is


This post was originally published on the eConsultancy blog. As marketers, we are all becoming more familiar with personalization as we recognize the need to tailor digital experiences to individual users. Only we are doing it all wrong. OK, partly wrong. In this blog post, I explore the concept of ‘true personalization:’ tailoring the digital […]

The One Key to Making Social Media Count For Your Business


We all want to use social media more effectively. As business owners or marketers, we understand the value of being able to connect directly with our customers like we’ve never really been able to do before. But it’s clear that most businesses aren’t coming anywhere near to capturing that true value. Sure, there are brands […]

Marketing is not binary. Measure, don’t measure. ROI, no ROI. Good, sustainable marketing is a mix of activities and strategies that support short-term revenue gain and long-term brand building. Nothing in marketing is mutually-exclusive.

The 9 Characteristics of Every Relationship


At the heart of all business transactions (that includes marketing) is a relationship. It might be love. It might be hate. It might be indifference. And it may only be fleeting. But it can also be life-long. Whenever a person has contact with an organization, a relationship is formed. The goal, of course, is to have […]